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Released January 1st, 2023 | Updated May 19th, 2023

YES! Edmund DeSoto ONESIR is Live!

Watch The Above Video In An External Window!

It is my pleasure to invite you to stopover, visit and created your very own #EdmundDeSotoONESIR private account. If you are searching for an incomparable Global Real Estate Advisor to buy or sell your home, then you have arrived to your final destination.

Call me “Tech Infatuated”, but I premeditated my innovative website with seller’s and buyer’s best interest at heart.

Through our new, up-to-date, innovated, high-tech website, you will be able to find all kinds of waterfront, equestrian, aviation, boating, golf, and 55+ properties and communities from the Florida Keys, Miami, Melbourne, and the world. This is what was needed, and this is what was accomplished. A website with your favorite worldwide properties at your fingertips.

Both desktop and mobile websites are designed and positioned unbroken, uninterrupted, fully suited to serve the purpose for which they were created. With costumed Apps for Apple and Android mobile devices we are rapidly called upon by our worldwide visitors and repeated clients at an enormous rate. Our functionality demanded piercing growth in web interchange of information, so we needed to step up our game and perform quickly. 

Charming and pleasing potential sellers and buyers with challenging and serious needs is not enough. We also must deliver and meet their needs.

Our new Website does just that. It is not only pleasant to the eye and easy to navigate, but the user interface is modern, contemporary, slick, and clean. It’s superior properties and tools are smooth and friendly in the most difficult of situations making it extremely easy for the not so savvy technical genius.

Visitors can create a free account and add an icon to their desktop or phone’s home screen for easy access of their favorite properties around the world.

An exceptional auction house called Sotheby’s was born and created in the heart of London on New Bond Street in 1744. My intentions? To remain rooted in the philosophy of the brand, the spirit and concept of Sotheby’s.

The Sotheby’s house built a revered tradition of uniting collectors with world-class works of art and marketing the world’s most cherished possessions—a tradition that, now over two centuries old, provides authentic knowledge comparable to none especially in real estate.

Founded on the same commitment to exceptional service that characterized the Sotheby’s Auction House for more than two centuries, the Sotheby’s International Realty® together with Edmund DeSoto Properties® brand has been created. Now with clients in the United States and the world we have become known for the distinctive properties that we represent.

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