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Chapter 1


The biggest investment most people make in their lifetime is in their home. This enterprise can make selling a home whether it’s a single-family residence, duplex, or condominium a very stressful experience for some.

This is in fact the most specific and greatest, most multifaceted and at times complex transaction a person will ever assume in their lifetime. It includes new terms and concepts, financial intelligence, and at times bigger numbers than normally dealt with.

There are also many sentiments at play that can disturb good decisions. Many sellers think, “Certainly, my home where I brought up my family and children, the home where I created so many memories must be worth more than the foundation it stands on?”

Dealing with the public is never easy, but in order to compensate for that statement, neither am I easy to deal with when I’m wearing my very demanding, detailed and perfectionist public/client/customer hat. (Now, that’s a mouthful)

So, keeping that statement in mind, let me say that real estate dealings involve dozens of choices, verdicts, decisions, and substantial speculations in homeowners’ time, energy, money, and emotions, especially in the emotions part.

Emotions nearly and almost always lead to problems in a sale price compromise and problems that have not even been invented yet by the human mind but they arise because of individual circumstances. As your representing agent therefore, I must be willing to wear many hats that deal anywhere from emotions to inspection negotiations.

Which other hats are there? You may ask. Well, there are so many hats to be worn in real estate that I will not go through the list now but once you continue to read and have engaged me as your agent, and have watched me work, you will know which hat I am wearing at any particular moment in time. You will be happy it is me and not you who is wearing them.


The home seller’s main goal is to keep their home in a constant showcase state and allow me, their agent, to find that one particular home buyer that cannot resist purchasing their house at the highest price that we have determined it is worth.

In order to be able to pull this enterprise successfully one needs to offer these hypothetical buyers an outstanding and striking home.

The sales’ presentation that outshines other homes on the market must be “Absolutely Fabulous” and I am not referring nor making comparison to the 1992 English sitcom with “Eddy” Monsoon and her best friend Patsy Stone.

Of course, this will require making a fantastic first impression. I do this by creating for these buyers an immediate and instant feeling that they are traveling up the front walkway of this, their new (we all hope) home, for the very first time EVER, and that they are not visiting someone else’s home that they might not buy.


Do you know what this “selling your home business” is all about? Well, let me tell you.

It’s all about allowing your potential buyers to see your home for the very first time, single it out of all the other houses surrounding it, fall in love with it instantly, and from a distance mind you, and at first sight, from the curb, inside their car while they are driving at 85 MPH in a 35 MPH neighborhood.

Oh! I’ll never sell my home this way you say, this is a hard way to sell. No, it is not, it’s actually easy. So, don’t worry it’s practically a synch and you will survive it. Before you know it you will be sitting at the title company signing your closing papers.

This is all about helping your potential buyers to know that they know, yes that they know and from deep within themselves that this is going to be the house that they will spend the rest of their natural lives in. And guess what? We want this to happen and take place in merely a millionth of a second.

Think of me not as your agent but your matchmaker finding the perfect match for your little abode. My one hat that I wear on occasions is the one when I ask you to stand aside, let the buyers fall in love with your home and allow for the wedding to take place.

Sellers may try to sell their home on their own but in general they do not wander into this enterprise unaccompanied. Once the reality of this intricate enterprise sets in, sellers feel more comfortable to have an experienced real estate professional with whom they are relaxed and content with. That would be me.

This is true especially when someone is going to be helping others fall in love with the house you love so much and is going to help you part with it.


This book begun as an article for my website. As I begun to outline some of that ease of real estate without the straight sales stress of person-to-person interaction, and yes, you guessed right, the article became a book.

There is so much to write about real estate and God knows I love to write. It seemed that I couldn’t fit, nor express it all together in one page. Besides I like to hear myself talk but more than that I like to talk in order to make sense of the issues that need to be solved. Writing it on paper is even a better idea.

So, the article became a fifteen-chapter book, and it is now finished. My one question was, let’s see if it takes. Guess what? It has and I am thrilled with it.


So, what do I want to accomplish with this book? I would very much like my active and future, talented, and very motivated home sellers to be self-reliantly, and to achieve a healthy appreciative understanding of the home-selling process with me as their Real Estate Representative and Advisor. For them to walk away after the transaction is over with peace, tranquility and a sense of accomplishment.


    • #1 Choose Me as Your Listing Agent. 😎
    • #2 Let’s Determining Together How Much Your Home Is Worth?
    • #3 Let’s Get Your Home Ready for Sale.
    • #4 Let Me Market Your Home.
    • #5 Let Me Show Your Home To Your Future Buyers.
    • #6 Let Me Receive Purchase Offers and Discuss Them With You.
    • #7 We will Have Escrow Opened and Title Ordered.
    • #8 We Will Have an Inspection Scheduled and an Appraisal.

Keeping all these steps in mind, I’ve also provided in this book actionable insight into how best I market my client’s home, by avoiding critical repeated mistakes from the past, and upholding an appropriate focus. Let’s continue reading. 

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“When Selling Your Home”