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I certainly hope that you will allow this book to be your go-to resource and means for information, approaches, strategies, procedures, and techniques that can be put to work in order to sell your home speedily at the greatest price. Take time gazing through the chapters and dominate the secrets of successful home sellers.

For example, discover why comparable homes sell for considerably at different prices. Debunk the theory that if all the comparable houses in the neighborhood are being sold around the vicinity for $650 thousand, that your property cannot be sold for more. Although in some cases this is the reality of it all, this is simply NOT always true.

Be ready to sell your property by knowing your home’s market value, best listing price, and negotiation tactics.

I will get you acquainted with improvements that offer the best Return on Investment (ROI), then after you have done your homework, upgrade, UPGRADE, UPGRADE but upgrade responsibly.

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From the bottom of my heart, my sincere hope is that with this book I will be able to sow a seed of knowledge, curiosity and intriguingness in your life with the information I am providing you within.

My hope is that all who read this book will use my humble observations and principles and that not only you would apply these suggestions that I am sharing with you but that you would include them in your personal everyday life “When Selling Your Home”. I am looking forward for this book to make a great impression on your life and by doing so that you would allow me to work with you.

It is my sincere hope that I would be used to open a brand-new door of excitement in your life and contribute some simple but efficient ideas that will make the process of selling your home not only fun but exciting. Also, I know that this book will serve as a liaison for us to meet and work together.

I am certainly hoping that this book will help you make the decision of engaging me and that we may be able work together shoulder to shoulder.

I am looking forward helping you make the most of your time and efforts in order to sell your home, your land and/or anything you may be thinking of selling.


“When Selling Your Home”